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Scottish Hair & Beauty Exhibition in Edinburgh

Hello my dear readers
I have been very busy recently so I apologize for being less here. I am sure that I am going to make it up to you quickly. Today I would like to share with you my experience at the Scottish  Hair & Beauty Exhibition which was last weekend in the Edinburgh  Royal Highland Centre. The weather was absolutely stunning, a little bit chilly but with a lot of sun.  I spent a lot of hours on the train but finally I am very happy that I had a chance to be there.

If you are a regular around here you will know that last year I was at the very similar exhibition in Birmingham in England. I have to say that the Scottish event was much better for nail professionals/ nail polish lovers than this one in Birmingham. There was more space and very easy access to take a look, talk to exhibitors, try some products or ask for advice.
My favourite was the Cuccio stand with a gorgeous collection of nail polishes, nail care products, cosmetics for hands, manicure and pedicure.

I bought a few polishes from Cuccio:

 From left: Pinky Swear, Beam MeUp, Bean There Done That, Grey's Anatomy

 I received as a gift a beautiful lavender/lemongrass body butter, delicate, creamy and perfect for skin.

I spent some time with OPI, they had a massive collection of various colours of standard polishes and gel polishes. They had a small problem with payment acceptance because of bad reception for their card reader. This was quite funny when the ladies had to jump up and down to accept our payment.

And you can see what I bought- from left: Significant Other Colour, Show Us Your Tips, Princesses Rules

Pierre Rene was very popular this year. They had a fantastic offer for a lot of attractive cosmetics.

Ardeco polishes are new for me and I will be very happy to try them.
Unfortunately they have no names only numbers...

The natural beauty products from NYR Organic totally absorbed my attention. I tried some of them and I really love them. I didn't buy any but I am thinking that I have to order online.

I received a few samples and I have to say that this facial oil is awesome!

China Glaze had a very small exhibition and I was a little bit disappointed about it. Anyway I bought couple polishes.
From left: Midnight Ride, Side Saddle

I have never tried Jean Marin brand. I choose a two shades which supposed to be trendy this season:
From left: Baby Blues, My Delight

YCC is also new for me. They offered a massive collection but I finally choose dusty pink number 120 and blue number 122- both are holo.

I am glittery maniac  so this collection below is my true love - I can watch them all day :)

I think that never is enough of good quality files for nails. These one from Astonishing are really good, soft and really professional.

I was on the a few beauty shows from Habia -Vtct, there were almost like a educational shows. Unfortunately they were only about makeup and hair style- nothing about nails....but anyway they were very good and I had a chance to watch incredibly talented people.

And a small gold brooch is a sign that I belong to nail clan.....

Summering, I had a really good time in Edinburgh. This is one of the best beauty shows I have ever been. I am very happy about my new stuff. I wonder if there is anything what you would like me to show as a first? I will be very happy if you leave me your comments about it.
Thank you for stopping by.
Have a nice day!
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  1. Great products :)♥♥♥

    New post on my blog:
    Visit & follow my blog people, I always follow back :)

  2. Ten ostatni ArtDeco, wow! I jaki fajny Cuccio trzeci od lewej. Wszystkie fajne zresztą.

    1. ciesze sie, ze moja nowa kolekcja Ci sie spodobala :)

  3. Looks like you had a great day!

  4. Wszystkie lakiery wyglądają fajnie, jestem ciekawa jak się spiszą YCC i Artdeco :) Broszka genialna :)

    1. bardzo sie ciesze, ze Ci sie podobaja moje zdobycze :D

  5. O rajku jakie cudowności *_*

  6. Oh boy, those are some nice finds! It's hard to choose but I think I'd like to see Artdeco 384 first! :D

    I also really want that pin! :D

    1. I curious about Artdeco too :)
      thank you <3

  7. czekam jak te lakiery zaprezentujesz na pazurkach :)

  8. Jaki raj :O

    Zapraszam Odpowiadam na każdą obserwacje i propozycje wejść w linki :)

  9. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  10. I like to go to such kind of exhibitions. I am already curious how the wonderful Cuccio polishes and the other ones will look on you!

  11. Ile nowiutkich lakierów :) Położyłabym łapki na jakiś nowych china glaze:)

  12. That's cool! Such interesting exhibition. Thanks for sharing))

  13. Wow wow wow, ile pięknych lakierów! Cuccio, opi cuuudne!

  14. Alez piękne stoiska i Polska jest :)

  15. I´m so happy that you were able to go to that exhibition :)
    I´ve heard a lot about it through youtube and other blogs :)
    All the nail polishes you bought where SO STUNNING :)
    I can´t wait to see you do manicures with them all...

  16. Hi dear Edyta! You have bought many interesting nail polishes! ;)


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