Monday, 14 December 2015

Lady purse with peacock and rose

Hello my dear readers,
Today I would like to show you a lovely purse which has been sent to me by Lady Queen Beauty for review. I chose this purse myself and I must say that it was the right decision because this is a very nice and useful product. I love how colourful it is but at the moment I don't have an outfit to match it with! There is plenty space for money (notes and coins) and for cards and the stitching is good.
What do you think about this purse, could you be happy to use it?

I have even painted my nails with some flowers to match my purse a little bit.

If you like this purse you can buy it from official Lady Queen Beauty store- click
With my code AJLC15 you can have 15% bonus

Thank you for stopping by. Have a nice day everyone.



  1. Wow, Fife! This purse looks so pretty, I love how bold it is! Your nails match perfectly, you always make such beautiful flowers :) xx

  2. Wow...What a beautiful purse and equally beautiful mani! <3

  3. Świetnie dopasowałaś mani :) Ja rzeczy wokół mnie wybieram raczej bez żadnych wzorów, za dużo mi się podoba i gładkie jest najlepszym wyjściem bo zawsze pasuje:)

    1. a ja z kolei lubie od czasu do czasu kolorowe eksperymenty :)

  4. Amazing purse, this print is so original and classy! :) Can't wait to see this in outfit !


  5. Świetny ten portfel! Piękny! ;-)
    Mani super! Kwiatki zawsze spoko na paznokciach! ;-)

  6. portfel piękny! no i paznokcie świetnie dopasowane :)

  7. I absolutely adore this! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  8. Nail art match perfectly with the purse *-* <3

  9. No chciałabym tak umieć namalować:)

  10. Absolutely stunning manicure, great nail desigen!!)

  11. Każde Twoje pazurki są niesamowite !

    Zapraszam Odpowiadam na każdą obserwacje i propozycje wejść w linki :)

  12. Nice purse and I just love that mani :-D

  13. This is a really nice purse. Your nails go with it nicely!

  14. What a fun purse and that mani is striking and beautiful.


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