Sunday, 29 March 2015

Ms Sparkle and Indie Polishes with Fife Fantasi Nails- part 1

Hello everybody :)
Today I would like to show you an amazing collection: 'Football and Blings are two of my favourite things', which has been sent to me by Ms Sparkle for my honest review- thank you very much Simone. Ms Sparkle is a real artist who creates spectacular and unique nail polishes by herself. Her Indie polishes are not only beautiful but also vegan and free from toxic ingredients. According to the news from the nail zone, Indie polishes are getting more and more popular among people who actually care about their health and condition of our planet. So why don't you try them? They are really good and look wonderful.
First on my nails I have 'Didn't push her. She tripped'. This is an amazing snowy white with sparkly blue dust and black hexagons. I applied three normal coats and the coverage is fully acceptable. The finish is smooth and shiny.

You can find Ms Sparkly collections here


  1. A lovely bright polish and I just love those dots!!

    1. thank you John, I am glad you like it :)

  2. Amazing nails!

  3. Kojarzy mi się z dekatyzowanym jeansem :)

  4. perfect nails

  5. Fajny efekt ;) żółty z pomarańczowymi heksami wygląda również niesamowicie w butelce ;)

  6. Oh wow , I love this one so much. Lucky you to have them in your enormous collection hah x

  7. Wygląda bardzo ładne i delikatnie :)

  8. wow I love those little dark sparkles that this white polish contains!
    This shade looks so great on your nails, it looks perfect <3
    Have a great week!
    x julia

  9. uwielbiam takie lakiery, nawet sama mam dziś na pazurkach coś w podobnym stylu ;)

  10. It looks like poppy seeds in the white base. I like it.

  11. Great looking polish. I always like whites with black glitters :-)

  12. Matte glitters are my faves! I love b/w effect, so edgy!


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