Friday, 23 January 2015

The zebra ran as fast as he could, because he knew the cheetah's coat so close to his own meant only one thing...

Hello my dear readers
Animal print is always a very trendy nail design. It is quite easy to create it and is not time consuming at all. Today I created a zebra/ cheetah print on white/ pale brown background.
And my final product is presenting as below. Let me know what are you thinking :D

Thank you for stopping by :)


  1. No i mamy 2 w 1 :) Podoba mi się :) Pomysłowo :)

  2. I love the zebra!!! I am such a fan of this pattern!

    xoxo Colli // tobeyoutiful

  3. Poor zebra! :D I love zembra pattern but I prefer the cheetah as animal :D you had a great idea!

  4. great inspiration ! i like it ! i never did combine animal print , it has superb look ! have a nice weekend !

  5. Loving it! Such a nice idea for a nail art design

  6. Wow, it' so hot! Very sexy!!!!

  7. oo jaka ładna zeberko-panterka :)

  8. świetne paznokcie :) podoba mi się to połączenie


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