Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Golden stickers from Born Pretty Store

These amazing golden stickers I received from Born Pretty Store for my independent review. Thank you Allison.
I must say that these stickers are very beautiful and very easy to apply. They also lasted quite long on my nails.
 I don't like stickers very much but these are quite nice and I was quite happy to wear them.
What do you think? Do you like nail art stickers?

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  1. I love nail art stickers! These are really gorgeous!

  2. I have the stickers in silver and I really love how elegant they look on the nails. Great manis dear!

    1. thank you :), I am thinking about silver as well :)

  3. Bardzo fajne zdobienia. Ja na razie odpuszczam malowanie paznokci. Podejrzewam, że później nawet nie będę miec na to czasu :D Jednak lubie oglądać takie twory paznokciowe i chylę czoła gdy niemal identyczne wzory zdobią wszystkie paznokcie :D Ja mam czasami problem z równym odwzorowaniem makijażu na obydwu patrzałkach, a co dopiero razy 10 :D

  4. Są efektowne i nie wyglądają bardzo naklejkowo, to duży plus. Fajne!

  5. I love nail art stickers, I have the seconds and I love it, I've used them with a fushia nail polish as base and the combination was very beautiful. Thanks for following me. I'm following you now :)
    Have a nice week!


  6. nice look ! it goes with orange nails ! so worm and lovely dear !

  7. jaaa..te brązowe ze złotem są cudne!

  8. wow, jedne ładniejsze od drugich!

  9. These look so pretty and I like what you've done with them :-D

  10. I love nail art stickers, particularly because I've had so much trouble trying to do stamping. It doesn't matter what I do with any of the 3 stampers I have, I can't get them to pick up the polish off the stamping plate. I've got lots of plates, but I'll probably end up selling them if the new Konad stamper I've ordered doesn't work. Great manicure, and the stickers are lovely.


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