Saturday, 6 December 2014

Tooty frooties and chocolate

Today I would like to show you my nail design with neon studs which have been sent to me by Alison from Born Pretty Store
I like them very much and it doesn't surprise me that they are still so trendy. The size is absolutely created for the shape of nails and after applying the stud is almost paralleled to nail plate. The colours are very intensive neons so the whole design is very eye catching.

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  1. This is just lovely! Loving brown polish atm ;D

  2. Dzięki Kochana za miłe słowa ;) Fajnie to wygląda. Niby takie nietypowe połączenie kolorów a takie efektowne ;) Świetnie to zgrałaś ;)

  3. Bardzo fajne te ćwieki i cały projekt - tak wesoło :)

  4. yum sweet nails studs and nail polish !

  5. Very pretty studs Fife. Love them on the base, they just pop out! :-D

  6. Love the contrast. Great job :)

  7. Kocham ćwieki w każdej ilości i zestawieniu - to jeden z najpiękniejszych elementów jaki można wkleić w pazurki :)

  8. Wow, your manicure looks amazing :)

  9. "Tooty Frooties and Chocolate" that's a fab name! And your nails really do resemble this, they look gorgeous :) xx

  10. Jej! Ale te ćwieki fantastycznie wyglądają ;) cała karuzela jest genialna !

    1. sa calkiem fajne i bardzo wyraziste na pazurkach :)


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