Monday, 1 December 2014

Golden roses

Hello my dear readers
I would like to show you my nail design that I was wearing a couple of days ago. The main colour is roseberry shade with sparkly dust from Collection 2000 Hot Looks 'Starlet 51', unfortunately I couldn't capture this colour at all. Winter time is very bad for taking pictures. Golden roses were presenting quite well and they added more sparkle and glamor to the whole mani.
As always I am waiting for your opinion in the comments. Have a lovely day everyone :)

Thank you for watching :)


  1. Again..a wonderful mani! Its a bif geisha style and i love it!!

    xoxo Colli || my Blog - TOBEYOUTIFUL || Bloglovin

  2. Tak na rockowo! Bardzo fajnie, świetne różyczki. I ta czerwień też fajowa :)

  3. stunning ! this roses looks so glamour ! real Chinese lantern !i like it so much ♥

  4. eleganckie połączenie kolorów i piękne wzory

  5. Pretty! The golden roses look amazing :) The red polish looks like it has a nice subtle shimmer in the pictures, that looks gorgeous!

    1. because there is a shimmer in :)
      thank you Robin :)

  6. Your nails look beautiful!
    Love this manicure on your nails :)


  7. Replies
    1. dziekuje bardzo za mily komentarz i odwiedziny mojego bloga :)

  8. Gorgeous nail art Fife - loving the roses :-D Starlet is such a lovely red, I do like it a lot :-)

  9. So sexy nails! Real red with roses... Super!!!

  10. This is really gorgeous! Love the color combination and the roses... A classic combo!

  11. You're killing me! Gorgeous nails, you get me with each and every design :) :*


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