Thursday, 18 December 2014

Dirty snowflakes

Hello from Poland :D
Today I have some snowflakes on my nails but this time they are black and on purple background. For this design I used purple Shade 26 from 2 True (reviewed here) and glittery top coat Part Princess from Essence, which is incredibly sparkly and shiny. The whole design has quite a festive look that is good for this season :)

Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely day :)


  1. Jesteś w Polsce :) fajne mani, kolorki bdb połączone, gwiazdki przystojne :D

  2. The effect is amazing! the glitter looks like snow that sparkles in the sun!
    Really gorgeous! <3

    xoxo Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful

  3. This is beautiful, Fife! I love the pink shimmery glitter - it makes me think of crystalized sugar! I love the whole manicure, it looks great and its nice to see snowflakes in another colour! xx

  4. Poland hello from Croatia! <3 Your nails are killing me!!!! <3 This is just perfect. <3

  5. I don't think the 'dirty snowflake' is a proper title for this gorgeous mani, even if the flakes are dark! Fantastic work!

  6. podobają mi się :) ah..a moje paznokcie takie króciutkie :P

  7. This manicure looks so lovely and special!

    I like it and I think all the details that you created and all the colors that you used look great on your nails ;) Thanks so much for sharing this nail art with us!


  8. chic nails ! this pink with glitters top coat is amazing !
    and with cute snowflakes is incredible manicure !
    love it !

  9. Hello from Scotland :-D

    This looks amazing I love your nails here :-)

    1. I am very glad yo like it :)
      Hello my wonderful Scotland!

  10. So girlie and pretty! Love the snowflakes and the pink Essence!

  11. This is so pretty and I do rather love pink!!

  12. This looks so awesome! :D Great job.

  13. This is SO SO beautiful... I love pink and black together :)


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