Saturday, 22 November 2014

Strawberry blancmange and a smattering of stardust

Hide n'Pink 13 from Sally Hansen is a very delicate, cloudy shade of pink. It looks quite nice by itself but I decided to add some shiny red glitter and some acrylic painted red flowers. And here is the final effect.

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  1. I'm not ta big fan of pink nails, but these are beautiful! Love how your flowers turned out, they look stunning <3. What kind of brush did you use on them? :D

    1. thank you my dear :) I have a lot of brushes for my nails and for these flowers I used number 0 from Bogian.

  2. yum yum.. i like strawberry pudding ! such a neat flowers and small red glitters gives fantastic look ! i love it , and ❤ you !

  3. precyzyjnie i do schrupania ;) przez ten truskawkowy odcień.

  4. What a pretty pink and a lovely mani! I like the glitter nice addition :-)

  5. wow I love this color on your nails ;)

  6. Jak słodko ;) ale masz długie pazurki ;) ;) ;)

  7. I love pink!!! This pattern is very romantic and pretty :)

  8. Amazing job, those flowers are perfect! It's a very cute and femenine mani, I am not sure why but it reminded me of my favorite childhood cartoon, Candy Candy!


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