Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Wispy noir on the silver screen

Autumn is a beautiful season but because of shorter days, less sun and lower temperature my artistic soul is getting hibernated.  But I think it is not only me, a lot of you are posting less, am I right?
I am wearing today a cold blue shade from W7, '93 Blue Mirror', sparkly, pale metallic blue. The black simple design I created with acrylic paints. 
What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by :)


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  2. this shade is amazing ! nice for nail art and wither theme ;)
    have a nice day dear !

  3. przepiękne zdobienie, niby tylko parę linii, a jednak wygląda cudnie :)

    1. dziekuje Paulinko za tak mily komentarz :)

  4. Świetny pomysł na intrygujące pazurki - idealne na większe wyjście ;)

  5. Kojarzy mi się z długimi włosami brunetki - zwłaszcza na kciuku. Ładnie namalowane.

  6. a to interpretacja :)- podoba mi sie :)
    dziekuje za komentarz :)

  7. I love w7! I don't actually own this one but it's gorgeous !! I also love the name of it! Love the design you created too! It looks almost like a stamp you've done it that perfect :) xx

  8. love this design! great job

  9. Nice design and I love Blue Mirror. They do a Gold Mirro which looks awesome. I do like W7 polishes so much :-)

  10. Polish is gorgeous and you're nail art very beautiful. With less sun, lees time to do things and sadly especially nails :(


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