Saturday, 25 October 2014

Pumpkin seeds are high in magnesium, and they will you give you nails like this....

The shooting star from Rimmel is awesome, so sparkly so shiny. I wish I bought the whole collection of space dust. They are definitely my favorite textured glittery polishes. I could watch my nails all the time- isn't it lovely to glitter?

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  1. i love it too ! but here we have only 2 color light brown nude and purple.i have them but ..there is a black with green and some others.all are superb! how many do you have of space dust ?

    1. Bubica, collection of Rimmel Space Dust consist of 5 nail polishes- I have only four, still looking for Total Eclipse
      And you are right, they are amazing!

    2. it seems to me that you turned to a texture nail polishes..ahh disaster ! how will you do nail art ! it is quite difficult and requires more patient :)))))) eclipse i chased here to, but no chance.misery L B i think she told me she found one for me ! ah !

    3. no Bubica, it is temporary but true love :)

  2. Nie widziałam tego lakieru w sklepach. Fajny jest.

  3. This is a gorgeous one. I enjoyed wearing it too :-)

  4. fajowy, przypomina mi sreberko Snow Dust z Lovely ;)

  5. This is gorgeous darling!
    Thank you very much for all the love you're shoing for my blog. Kisses

  6. Wowww this nail polish looks grate!


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