Thursday, 16 October 2014

Nicole from 2 True

Salon Shine Pro, Nicole, is the last shade that I would like to show you as a review from the  pack received from 2 True.
This is a very deep purple shade, almost like plum, very difficult to capture by camera. Pigmentation is perfectly rich, two normal coats are enough for a proper cover. Formula is wonderful and the final finish is high gloss and shiny. I like this colour very much, especially - I think it is amazing for the autumn designs.

I found it very easy to compose with my nail art. This is a perfect, smooth background for any paintings.

What do you think about this colour? Have you tried 2 True products already?

I am waiting for your comments. Thanks for watching and reading.


  1. Lovely polish and the flowers came out amazing!

  2. Oh what a gorgeous purple shade! Love it! And I also adore the nail art you combined it with, just perfect! :)

  3. thia is another one nice color ! love it ! flowers are amazing dear !

  4. It is my kinda purple! And I love the nail art too :-D

  5. I love the nail art and I LOVE this purple... love love love it :)

  6. Bardzo fajny ten fiolecik, z nail artem też fajnie :)

  7. piękny kolor! i kwiaty śliczne :)


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