Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Meteorite magic

Rimmel London Space Dust come from collection from 2013 but I am thinking this is the best glittery and textured polish. Today I would like to show you 'Moon walking'.
'Moon walking' is nail polish with an incredibly high glitter and an amazing coarse-grained textured finish. It is lavender shade with shiny purple/silver glitters.
This polish looks fantastic in the bottle but absolutely better on the nails.
This is a perfect polish for glitter lovers like me.

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  1. I love this polish, too. I also paint with it often :))))

  2. Ostatnio masz fazę na piaski :D Nic dziwnego, ten jest śliczny :D

  3. yes ! i have it too ! and already try it ! amazing shade !

  4. This looks amazing :-D I've got it and not tried it yet - goodness knows why :-|

  5. świetny! idealna struktura i kolor. nie chcę tylko myśleć o zmywaniu ;)

  6. These Rimmel glitters are amazing!

    Beautiful nails btw!


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