Sunday, 12 October 2014

Fast Dry Colour Quick from 2 True

Today I would like to show you some beautiful polishes which have been given to me for my review and for sharing my opinion with you. 2 True is quite a popular branch in  the United Kingdom, so some of you will have tried their products already.

Shade 28 Fast Dry Colour Quick- white creamy shade. This is a very general purpose and very useful colour. The formula is not too thick and application is very easy. The drying time is really good because after less than two minutes we have a lovely, glossy surface with no bubbles or smudges. The pigmentation is very good- I am wearing only two normal coats with no top coat. 

Shade 31 Fast Dry Colour Quick- baby pink. This is a very delicate, girly colour. The formula is not the best in my opinion, because the polish was sloping on the sides. I applied 3-4 coats to obtain proper cover. The drying time is still satisfactory and the finish is glossy and shiny.

Shade 21 Fast Dry Colour Quick- creamy, aquamarine shade, Application is really easy, almost after one thick coat I received an adorable result. I quite like this shade, it is bright and eye catching.

Shade 27 Fast Dry Colour Quick- lovely deep, bright red, very elegant and very glamorous shade. The pigmentation is really rich and the finish is glossy and shiny. I received a lot of nice compliments for this colour.

Shade 26 Fast Dry Colour Quick- The French Rose shade, still not a purple but not a pink anymore.
This is a fantastic shade, especially for this season. The pigmentation is fabulous, two coats were giving a perfect cover,

2 True nail polishes come with a very useful and professional long and flat brush, which is very helpful during the painting.
What do you think about these polishes? Do you like some of them? I am waiting for your comments and opinion.
You can take a look at 2 True to see more beauties.


  1. These look amazing, Fife! I am particularly loving the red and aquamarine, they look so flawless and glossy on your nails! Also thank you for messaging me over the weekend - Your icons look great and I see so many lovely looking changes here! :) xx

  2. i have back to your previous post from 9th october , and i was★☆ right★☆ ! today again i love them all, but i spotted the most baby pink and turquoise ! shade no 21 and 31 !
    but i love them all :)

  3. wszystkie są boskie, przepięknie się prezentują :) generalnie lubię niebieskie pazurki, ale pozostałe tak ładnie zaprezentowałaś, że nie umiem wybrać :D teraz czekam na zdobienia wykonane na nich ;)

    1. dziekuje Paulinko, ciesze sie, ze Ci sie podobaja :)

  4. My favorites are shades 21, 26 and 31, they are all very pretty. Lovely swatches!

  5. These are some really nice colours. I do like 2True, good quality and cheap :-)

    1. You are right , good product for really reasonable price :)


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