Saturday, 11 October 2014

Blue camouflage with studs

This sponge-like effect I obtained using a small piece of plastic wrap instead of sponge. I quite like it because it reminds me a little bit of the structure of marble.

I decided to modernize my design by adding some gold metal studs on the top. The studs have been sent to me for review from Born Pretty Store
This small decoration is changing an ordinary design into something more stylish and unique. I like them very much and I received a lot of compliments about them.
Applying is very easy but unfortunately they don't stay very long on the nails.

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Thank you for watching.


  1. Like a real mineral, beautyful!

  2. stunning effect ! nice marble nails !
    have a nice weekend dear friend !

    1. thank you Bubica :)- have a nice weekend too :)

  3. Świetne połączenie kolorów i bardzo fajny efekt

    1. dziekuje :)- ciesze sie, ze Ci sie podoba

  4. This is a great design! It does look like marble a lot - you've achieved a great effect here with wonderful colours :-)


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