Tuesday, 23 September 2014

He gave her a bunch of forget-me-nots. Because he never would

This is wonderful purple shade from Pravera- Benecos. The deep plum name is exactly describing this amazing colour. I think this is a colour for autumn 2014
The smooth cover is giving a chance for creating some art designs. This time I painted some blue forget-me-not- I was inspired by movie 'Outlander'
Hope you like it

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  1. this color combo fit perfect! love forget me not gently detailed ! super look !

  2. Cudowne kwiatuszki :) pięknie dobrałaś ich kolor do tego fioletu :)

  3. Gorgeous flowers. I would never thought that purple goes so well with such a dark vamp shade!
    I tagged you on my blog. I would be glad to read your answers too!

  4. Pretty colour and great design :-)


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