Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Glowin rowan berries

We have autumn already. Today I have some rowan berries  on my nails. As a background I used  scented Italian Leather from Revlon. This nail polish is just an awesome mixture of sap green with gold. This tiny shimmer is still visible after applying. I decided to put some gold glitter anyway, because autumn is full of gold, isn't it?
And this polish has a very pleasant scent - you should definitely try.
And here we go!

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  1. Very good! I like the colour of the Revlon polish :)

  2. That caught my eye! The berries are so vibrant against the greens.

  3. piękne jesienne zdobienie! :) już czuć jesień w powietrzu

  4. śliczne! idealne przedstawienie jesieni na paznokciach :)

  5. This is awesome! This is by far the best rowanberries nail art I've seen. Perfect colors and just awesome for autumn :D <3

  6. eh ! i wish you could do it on my nails ! you have picked up super colors! love it ! perfect nail art !

  7. Przepięknie wyszło :) Jak zresztą zawsze u Ciebie :) Faktycznie jesień już czuć i to aż za bardzo, mam nadzieję, że jednak ciepełko jeszcze nie powiedziało ostatniego słowa i do nas wróci :D

  8. Ale fajne! To mi przepomina swieta!

  9. This looks really good! Love it :-D

    I tried Italian Leather a few weeks back and really liked it :-)

    1. I remember, it looked nice on your nails :)
      thanks Ananka


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