Monday, 22 September 2014

Deep plum from Pravera - part 1

The deep purple has been sent to me from Pravera- Benecos for my unbiased review- thank you Ingrid. This is a very warm shade, perfect for autumn wearing. The formula is very easy to apply, I am wearing only two layers for total coverage. The pigmentation is very rich. The drying time is quite reasonable, up to 2 minutes and the surface is staying shiny and glossy. As I have mentioned before Benecos polishes are '5 free', it means they don't smell strongly of solvent at all and they are non allergenic.

To see more products visit Pravera-Benecos
Thank you for watching!


  1. bardzo elegancki kolorek, czasami maluję na podobne kolory ;)

  2. lovely color! i am curious what you will make on it ?
    have a nice day !

  3. Replies
    1. dziekuje :)- ciesze sie, ze przypadl Ci do gustu :)

  4. This brand sounds interesting! The color looks amazing too, such a beautiful color for autumn :P

    1. thank you my dear :), I really think the same, the purple is just 'must be' for autumn 2014

  5. Uwielbiam fiolety a ostatnio tak rzadko miałam je na paznokciach :) Cudowny kolorek :)

  6. What a gorgeous deep purple colour - looks great on your nails :-)

  7. Very beautiful color.


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