Friday, 19 September 2014

Claws of the ice queen - Benecos part 1

I would like to show you my first trial with Benecos polishes, which have been sent me for my honest review. First I choose 'Ice, ice, baby' in pale blue shade
Benecos polishes are awesome, applying is very easy and comfortable because they almost have no solvent odour. They are environmentally and health friendly with no toluene, formaldehyde, colophony, camphor and phthalates at all (less chance for allergy and headache)!
'Ice ice baby' has a creamy consistency with high gloss finishing. The pigmentation is very good- I am wearing only two thin layers for the total coverage. The polish is sitting in the nice, stylish bottle of 9 ml.

You can take a look for the different amazing beauties from Pravera- Benecos- I am sure everybody can find something nice and of course healthier.


  1. yes, very nice color ! i love it! ice ice baby is my fav !
    have a nice weekend dear !

  2. wow, cudny kolor! uwielbiam takie baby blue :)

  3. What a wonderful looking colour! Love it! :-D

    Interesting what will happen in Scotland now after the vote :-| I think we are all uncertain and unsure! I'm so tired I stayed up all night watching it and got up fairly early today!!!

    1. I know Ananka, I was waiting for the results from early morning

  4. Love this pastel blue! It looks like the sky in spring :)

  5. Ale fajny kolor!


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