Friday, 8 August 2014

White magnolia

Hello :)
Today I would like to show you one more design with flowers. I like painting them very much and how they look on the nails.
This time I did not put a glitter but I used some beautiful metallic which is shiny enough.

Have a nice Friday :D


  1. amazing flowers nail art ! i have seen just one Magnolia here with blossoms ! love it !

  2. przepiękny efekt 3D na pazurkach :)

  3. Oj Edytko, wiesz jak uwielbiam kwiaty na pazurkach :) Buziaki, miłego wieczorku :**

  4. You are so talented! They look fantastic!!!

  5. This is so gorgeous, Fife!! I love the look of these flowers on the metallic background colour, you did a beautiful job :) xx


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