Saturday, 2 August 2014

Panther on the holographic path

The weather is not the best in Liverpool today. It is raining almost all the time. I think this is a perfect day for painting nails and looking for some inspirations on your blogs :D
My design for today is just animal print on a holographic background. I used a golden one from Eveline, very nude colour almost like the shade of my skin.
This is not my favourite shade but it is still sparkly and shiny especially in the sunny weather.
Have a lovely day :)

Thanks for watching :)


  1. złotego Eveline'a holograficznego jeszcze nie widziałam nigdzie, ale jest piękny, ja mam
    sreberko ;) a motywy zwierzęce na pazurkach bardzo lubię :)

  2. dziekuje Paulinko, ja tez uwazam, ze panterka jest dobra na wszystko ;)

  3. hello dear ! i like this holo color ! it become very attractive with this animal print ! i should repeat my zebra nails!
    have a nice weekend !huge hug !

    1. your zebra nails are fabulous :)- thx Bubica!

  4. in real they look even better !

  5. O chyba mam gdzieś ten lakier - muszę poszukać bo pięknie wygląda na pazurkach :) śliczny motyw zebry :) A u nas upał i ani tyci deszczu Edytko - oddaj troszkę :D Buziaki

    1. dziekuje Ines, a deszczu bierz ile chcesz:)

  6. wow your nails look really perfect!
    I love this manicure, you are so creative <3

    xx julia


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