Sunday, 17 August 2014

Bubbles in a shimmering pool

I created this design thanks to Bubica, who sent me some amazing nail polishes. Thank you!!
For this design I used the amazing chameleon which is changing colour from blue into purple- I love this effect very much. I added some small design. Hope you like it :D

Could you imagine what beautiful presents I received from Bubica- I love all of them :)

Thank you for watching. I will really appreciate it if you leave a comment below.
Have a nice Sunday!


  1. hello dear friend !
    i am glad you like it ! this due color is really nice! love your first picture with flowers !
    have a nice Sunday and morning coffee !

    1. thank you my dear friend, you are right this polish is fantastic, one of the most beautiful blue. Have a nice morning too!

    2. and , you know what ??
      :) the colors of the flowers from pics will pair fantastic with the next bottle of GR matte :D

  2. piękny ten lakier bazowy :) a zdobienie takie delikatne i w Twoim stylu :)

  3. piękny ten lakier, a zdobienie świetne! takie w 3D :)

  4. What beautiful looks your manicure :)

  5. Amazing job, Fife! I love the bubbles it looks fantastic :) Perfect pairing of the blue polish too! xx

  6. The duo-chrome polish is amazing and the nail art you painted on it makes it a fabulous manicure!


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