Saturday, 21 June 2014

I see the sunshine, but only from inside my cage

I created something similar a few months ago only on a green background. This time I chose yellow mango from Sally Hansen and some brown from W7. I applied a little bit of glitter as well for the better result.
The final effect is quite interesting and different from other my designs.
Hope you like it :)
Have a lovely day.

Thanks for stopping by :D


  1. piękna kratka, wygląda jak stempel :) pozdrawiam ;)

  2. jak ciastko polane czekoladą ;) super

  3. Świetne! Serio wyglądają jak stemple:)

    1. bardzo sie ciesze, ze Ci sie podoba :)

  4. You did such a beautiful manicure, Fife! Its so unique, I love it! I think the title of this post also suits the manicure wonderfully! :) xx

  5. stunning ! love this effect ! and will keep one picture for me :)


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