Saturday, 10 May 2014

forget-me-not nails design

I am so very happy we finally have the weekend! I have no special plans for today so I can paint my nails :) or if the weather will be nice (no rain) I will go and explore Liverpool.
Today I would like to show you my last design. I painted forget-me-not on my nails

Do you like these flowers? They are very delicate and so pretty!

Have a lovely weekend! Thanks for stopping by :D


  1. wow! love your nails ! do i see some black green shimmer nail polish ?i like it ! flowers are amazing , plus they are in my fav color ! have a nice weekend , dear ! hope the weather will be nice for walking outside ! bye, bye !

    1. thank you Bubica, unfortunately it is raining here :(
      I am watching movie and drinking coffee instead.

  2. Aww, boo rain! Hope you still have a great weekend! These are so pretty :)

  3. ♥ i have a coffee break too ! huge hug !

  4. Bubica I wish we had coffee together :)

  5. So beautiful! The light blue on the dark background looks amazing <3 And I love how delicate your flowers still manage to look

  6. Edytko ŁAŁ :) wspaniały pomysł i cudownie dobrane kolorki :) Twój talent rozwija się z szybkością dźwięku :) Buziaki

  7. Hope you enjoyed adventuring around England so far? These nails are AMAZING. I had to comment on these, I love the colours and the flowers but the extra pattern makes it extra special :) I love this design, well done lovely :) xx


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