Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My two little birds

I know I was here quite long time ago. It is not that I forgot about you and my hobby, but all these circumstances with changing flats made me out of internet for some time. I really apologise for it and I hope you did not forget about me as well :)
Today I would like to show you my nails design from week ago. There are two grey birds on the pink glitter background.
Do you like it?

Thank you for watching! Best regards for all my readers <3


  1. :D Witaj Edytko. Tęskniliśmy :D Ptaszki śliczne i bardzo ładny lakier bazowy :) Pozdrawiam

  2. hello dear friend, nice you are here again ! it is fantastic nails art ! love birds , they are almost real like somewhere in Japan :)

  3. Jesteś!:) I jak się żyję?:) Ptaszki śliczne:)

    1. Jestem, jestem ufff...dzieki za komentarz :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Love this mani! great detail on the birds :) glad to see you back again lol hugs xx

  6. Well done! It's a gorgeous mani and welcome back :D

  7. Just stunning as always. I love these cute little birds! You really bought life into them :) xx


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