Saturday, 8 March 2014

Underwater scene

This heterogenous blue colour I obtained mixing two nail polishes together and applying some silver glitter on the top. The final effect is as below but I think in normal day light it is more sparkly.
Have a lovely Saturday :)


  1. this is exactly underwater scene ! love it , and the way how you do it ! i like this blue !

  2. Edytko zaskakujesz mnie przy każdym zdobieniu swoimi pomysłami i kreatywnością :) Cudowne zdobienie :) Buziaki w Dniu Kobiet <3

  3. This is such a perfect shade of blue!

  4. fantastycznie wygladaja twoje pazurki :)

  5. wow, the blue polish looks just great!
    Your nails look lovely ;)

    Xx julia


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