Saturday, 15 February 2014

Glitter and stripes on the purple

I am so happy that finally it is the weekend! Do you have the same feelings about it?
I would like to show you my shiny nails with a lot of glitter. I am still in love with all glitters in the world.

Have a wonderful day! I will be very happy if you leave a comment below :D


  1. Każda kobieta to troszkę sroka i lubi świecidełka :D Piękny lakier bazowy i słodkie zdobienie :) Bardzo przemyślane zestawienie - super Edytko :D

    1. Dziekuje Ines- ale ja to jestem ogromna sroka, a blyszczace lakiery wprost uwielbiam. Czekam z niecierpliwoscia na Twoje kolejne zdobienie. Pozdrawiam cieplutko!

  2. love to see glitters and confetti ,but not on my nails :-) the reason is known :_)))) ! it is lovely mani ! this dark cherry is beautiful color and waterfall too ! so elegant mani !see you ,dear ! kisses !

  3. Hello ! YES I have the same feelings, I'm so happy to be in week-end ! And I love the glitters, so shiny !

  4. Oooh pretty, Fife!! I like the glitter with the waterfall, it gives it so much depth! :) I'm not too excited for the weekend as it continues to be for laundry and tidying, hah :) I hope you have a great weekend! xx

  5. Świetne! No i mamy takie samo zdanie odnośnie glitterów:)

  6. Your nails look stunning!
    As Always :)

    Xx Julia

  7. These look beautiful, perfect party nails!


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