Monday, 24 February 2014

Blue roses and blue glitter tips

This design is perfect for Monday, it's very shiny and optimistic. Hope you like blue roses even though they are not very realistic :)

Thank you for watching. Have a lovely day! :)


  1. Your roses look so great! And I love the blue glitter on your nail tips, so cute! :)

  2. To co kocham - kwiaty :D Ślicznie Edytko bardzo realistycznie wyszły Ci te cudeńka :)

  3. Pero que bonitas son esas rosas. Me ha gustado mucho esta manicura.

  4. you shocking me ! blue roses ! beautiful ! no word ! are you sure you not put sticker picture s ?????
    good night !

  5. Wow, the roses are amazing, quite perfect. I know how hard is to do them, so congratulations you managed to make it absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Those Flowers!
    Your nail arts look beautiful ;)

    Xx Julia

  7. Oh my god, Fife, your nails look beautiful! You are really great at creating nail flowers, these are some of my favorites! Can I ask what acrylic paints you use? Everything looks so smooth and perfect :) Have a great weekend! xx

    1. Thank you Ithi :) I am using normal acrylic paints Royal Langnickel (£0.99 each)


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