Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A gift from Bubica

Yesterday I received these wonderful nail polishes from my dear friend Bubica.
I am so happy, because these polishes are gorgeous- THANK YOU my dear friend!!
(and I hope you enjoy yours just as much :D ) 


  1. Czemu ja tego pierwszego epickiego JJ nigdy nie widziałam?:D Świetne są:)
    You chose great polishes, Bubica:)

  2. Fife hello ! i am so happy that you receive parcel ! without damages !
    and they look beautiful! as they were not mine ! i cannot wait to see you nails when you will used it !
    both are lovely ,but you must find base color that suit for its
    kisses ! ii am glad dear ,really ! and i am still waiting mine parcel :-))))) hope custom girl officers dint use at all ! kisses !

    1. not at all !you are true friend ! and you are welcome !

  3. Edytko - super prezent od Bubica :) Wspaniale jest mieć taką przyjaciółkę :D

  4. oo moje ulubione Golden Rose :D Zazdroszczę ;)


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