Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Women like a pink colour

I don't know if all women like pink colour but I do.
The 'pretty in hot pink' number 310 from Sally Hansen is just the perfect shade of pink, very bright, energetic and eye catching.
Two layers are enough for total cover. I painted some simple design and voila :)

I am waiting for your opinion :)
Have a nice evening.


  1. Siedzę - patrzę - oczu nie mogę oderwać - pięknie :-)

    1. Dziekuje Ines za tak mily komentarz, szczegolnie, ze pochodzi od takiej artystki jak Ty :)

  2. I love pink and white nails, these look great!

  3. this is really fantasi nails!and i love impressive colors !so nice. i will for sure repeat it !
    many regards Fife !

  4. dear Fife ,you are always welcome.i am glad to see your evrey new post you know that !

  5. I love this manicure!
    The pink polish looks so pretty on your nails ;)

  6. I don't like pink colour, but I love your design ;)

  7. Generalnie za różem nie przepadam, ale na paznokciach zawsze wygląda fajnie;)


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