Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Christmas manicure for my friends

Yesterday I painted nails for my friends, some Christmas designs.
The little girl was very happy about her nails. It was more than a pleasure to work with her :)
Thank you Ellie :D

And below are the designs for her Mum. I am thinking it is quite good and she enjoyed it.

I am sorry for the quality of these pictures, but it is not easy to take good pictures in the evening :(


  1. Mamowa wersja bardzo fajna:) ta pierwsza zreszta tez. Jak zawsze:)

  2. awesome !bravo
    it is hard to work on small child nails ,i ve been doing it for my girl nephew!
    and i must admit i like in the other set nails the girls with New Year caps ,adorable !

  3. well done, i couldn't decide which manicure i love better :D


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