Friday, 13 December 2013

Just stripes

There is no snow here in Scotland so I have no motivation to create a winter manicure. This is my excuse for today's design, quite simple but still bright enough to put me in a wonderful mood when it is grey outside my window.
What do you think? I am waiting for your comments.

Thanks for watching :)
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I love this kind off nail arts!
    The lines are just so straight! :)
    This nail art looks great on your nails! :)

  2. just strip ,just amazing ! i like hand made nail art ! without strips or some tapes

    1. Bubica, you are so nice- thank you :D, x

    2. ♥ no,
      YOU are such a wonderful person !♥ thanks to YOU !♥

  3. Perfekcyjnie proste:) Piękne;)

  4. hi there! love these nails :O they're so glamour! thanks for stopping and commenting on my blog. Sure, I would love to follow each other, following u on GFC, hope u will follow back :) xx


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