Thursday, 7 November 2013

Topaz chameleon

Today's mani is just a simple one colour design. I used chroma chameleon from Revlon- topaz shade. This is a very nice colour, like green and gold mixed together. The only disadventage I have noticed is that the polish has a tendency to leave brush strokes and for perfect finish it needs at least two- three coats. I like the shimmering light reflection on my nails, like a metallic effect and I am tempted to have more chameleons in my collection

and my lovely chameleon:

Thanks for watching :)


  1. pretty shade..............i suggest removing word check from ur blog to get more comments , chk out how to do this

  2. Ładnie u Ciebie wygląda, ale kolor taki nie mój;)

  3. I love this color! And i like your blog!! It looks amaing. :)
    thanks for sharing this Polish with us.
    xx Julia


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