Thursday, 14 November 2013

The lilac from Mark & Spencer

Today's manicure is very simple, absolutely perfect for everyday wearing or just for work. The background is a pale tone of violet from Marks&Spencer. This nail polish needs at least two coats but looks very delicate on the nails. Do you have any M&S nail polishes in your collection? I am wondering on your opinion about them. I have drawn some abstract design using black acrylic paint and voila :)

Thanks for watching :)


  1. Nawet nie wiedziałam, że są lakiery tej marki:)

  2. Drogie?:)
    No dobra, nie wiem czy się w takie coś bawisz, ale nominowałam Cię w The Versatile Blogger Award:)

  3. Wow, dziekuje- pierwszy raz dostaje cos takiego!- I co mam teraz zrobic z ta nominacja- pytam serio?

  4. Hello!

    You’re officially nominated for the Versatile Award at my blog
    The reason why you were nominated is because you own one of my favorite Nail art blogs and I get so much inspiration from your Nail arts!


  5. Oooo, ale śliczne, takie delikatne :)


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